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Add an opportunity

In the first step of the sales process, you might want to record a sales lead that might turn into a project in the future. Opportunity is a potential deal with a particular client. Within an opportunity, you can track the progress of different proposals and evaluate your chances of successful cooperation. Each opportunity consists of offers that present alternative options for your clients.

Offer is a proposal created within an opportunity. Offers can be transformed into quotes and sent to clients so they can choose the best option for the potential order.


Opportunities and offers are tightly connected to quotes. Every time a project manager creates a quote, a corresponding offer and opportunity are created automatically. However, you can add new opportunities, offers, and related quotes from the Opportunity module. That is especially useful when dealing with potential clients.

This guide will show you how to create a new opportunity, add an offer, and present your offers to your client.

I. Add an opportunity

  1. Sign in to the XTRF Home Portal.

  2. Click the button on the top menu bar and select Opportunity from the drop-down menu.
    Alternatively, go to the Opportunities module and click the Add Opportunity button in the top right-hand corner.
    You will be directed to the Add Opportunity page.


  3. Provide a concise name for the new opportunity.

  4. Select the client.

  5. Click the Add Opportunity button.

  6. You will be directed to the opportunity page, where you can provide the details of the potential deal.


  7. In the Summary card:

    1. Set the Expected Close Date (when you plan to finalize this deal).

    2. (Optional) Add notes about the potential deal. Those notes will be visible to all Home Portal users with access to the Opportunities module.

  8. In the offer card (the first offer card is created automatically and receives the same name as the opportunity itself):

    1. In the Amount field, provide the estimated amount of money you think you can get from this offer.

    2. Select the stage of negotiation (Opportunity status) from the drop-down list. You can manage the Opportunity statuses in Configuration menu > System Values: Advanced > Opportunity Statuses.

  9. Click the Save button in the top right-hand corner. This will activate a number of options:

    • In the offer card, you can change the offer’s name.

    • To add a related quote to the offer, click the Add Quote link. You will be directed to the Add Quote page. To learn how to create quotes, see the Quotes module - Add a quote article.


  10. (Optional) In the People card, you can select people directly involved in the opportunity.
    Note: To change the sales or contact person in the People card, click on their names. A drop-down list with available options will appear.


    1. From the Sales Person drop-down list, select the person responsible for this opportunity on your side.

    2. The client’s contact person will be selected automatically based on the information from the client’s profile.

    3. To add a new contact person for this client, click the Add Client Contact button and fill in the details in the Create Contact Person pop-up window.

II. Add another offer to the opportunity

An offer is a single, individual proposal presented to your client. In one opportunity, you can have multiple offers.

To add a new offer to the opportunity, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Opportunities module and open the opportunity in question.

  2. Click the Add Offer button in the top right-hand corner.


  3. In the New Offer card:


    1. Provide a name for the new offer.

    2. Provide the estimated Amount.

    3. Select the stage of negotiation from the drop-down list.

    4. (Optional) Add Notes about this offer.

    5. Click the Save button.

    6. (Optional) Click the Add Quote link to link a quote to this offer.

III. Send offers for client approval

After you have created an opportunity with several offers and related quotes, you can send them to the client, so they can choose the most suitable one. To do so, click the Send E-mail to Client button.

Only the offers that meet the following requirements can be sent to the client:

  • a related quote is created

  • quote’s amount is larger than 0

  • offer’s amount is linked with quotes using the padlock icons

  • the opportunity doesn’t have the Closed Won or Closed Lost status.

After you send the offer, your client will receive an e-mail with the details of all the quotes included in the opportunities. By clicking on the Decide on Quote links, they will be able to accept or reject a quote.

To learn more about offers and opportunities, see the Opportunities module article.