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XTRF custom localization - configuration


The XTRF Custom Localization feature enables you to create or modify complex disclaimer customization in Client Portal. As a result, you can customize the content of the disclaimer in every language supported by your platform. You can use it only when you have the XTRF Platform on your local server. This function is not available while working on-cloud. 

The purpose of the document is to show you what you need to do to start using this feature.

Technical Configuration 

Default Files

All necessary files have been copied automatically into your XTRF home directory.



It includes a file with instructions on how to use this feature and default files for each supported language.


Enable the Mechanism

Ask your system administrator to:

  1. Copy the standalone.conf.local.example file to standalone.conf.local if the file does not exist.

  2. Edit the standalone.conf.local file.

  3. Uncomment #JAVA_OPTS_ADDITIONAL="$JAVA_OPTS -Deu.xtrf.localization.custom.dir=[xtrf_home_dir]/home-portal/resources/custom-localization".

  4. Change the [xtrf_home_dir] for the actual XTRF home directory.


XTRF has to be restarted by your system administrator for the changes to take effect.